Bigg Boss 12 has been kickstarted by host Salman Khan on the Bigg Night of September 16.On the show, for the first time firt day elimination was introduced and so many new things were introduced such as Bigg Band, Top ki Salami. Salman Khan continue the show by word “yeh naya hai” for the first day elimination, Top ki Salami, Bigg Band and some Vichitra Jodiyan. In the expert panel there was four members Shilpa Shinde (Bigg Boss Season 11 winner),  Manveer Gurjar (Bigg Boss Season 10 winner)  Sweta Singh (Journalist) and Dibang (Journalist). On the Bigg Night Season 12 Contenstants are introduced and sent to the home.Season 12 has come with many new things as introduced above and the twist is two contenstant out of four who are staying in Bigg Boss outhouse will be eliminated as per the India’s Demands.According to the expert panel, the contestant who are stronger than the opponent are given Top Ki Salami.

Top ki salami was given to Karanvir Vohra, Somi khan, and Romil chaudhary.

Shivashis Mishra was given Special Swagat by getting punches on their body.

Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim has been recentely married and come to the Bigg Boss only after the 6 months of her married life and entered the Bigg Boss house as a hindu wedding tradition by kicking the pot full of rice.

Anup jalota has come to the show with his student Jasleen Matharu and revealed the secret of their 3 years relationship and soon after they announced it, they are getting trolled on every social media platform and eveybody are questioning on their relationship.

Deepak Thakur from Muzzafarpur Bihar is an singer and has given his song in the film Gangs of Wasseypur I, Gangs of Wasseypur II, and Mukkabaz. With him his fan Urvashi Vani has come.

Shivashis mishra is an Entreprenure from Indor. He has a very rich collection of cars, watches, and Clothes with expensives brand.With Him Saurabh patel has come who is a farmer and having 500 Acre of lands and cultivate Cereals on their Land.

Roshmi Banik is also a buisnessman. She runs his buisness from her home.

Romil Chaudhary is a Lawyer and his friend Nirmal Singh is a PoliceMan.


Season 12 Contenstants Are:-

  1. Karanvir Vohra
  2. Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel
  3. Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim 
  4. Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu
  5. Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani
  6. Srishty Rode
  7. Somi Khan and Saba Khan
  8. Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh
  9. Nehha Pendse
  10. Kriti Verma
  11. Roshmi Banik
  12. Sree Santh


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